None abrasive - paint stripping - chemical cleaning

Block Paveing Cleaning - Driveway Cleaning

Decking cleaning restaining

Brick Cleaning - Stone Cleaning - Pointing Up Service


Roof tiles cleaning

Paint Stripping - Graffiti Removal - Brick Stone Cleaning - using none abrasive chemical method, after chemical paint stripping, any speckles of paint remaining, particularly on a dirty brick surface can be removed using acid brick cleaning / pressure washing. The acid will lift the paint speckles by lifting the dirt behind and clean the bricks back to their original color

Power Jetting services, can restore dirty buildings back to their original beauty, removing years of grime in one chemical application / pressure washing. NO ABRASIVES = NO DAMAGE.There are many different chemicals used for brick and stone cleaning, with over 25 years’ experience, in the chemical cleaning industry in the UK and overseas, we know what chemical is right for the job. We have on many occasions been asked why stone monuments, buildings have discoloured after cleaning by inexperienced contractors – WRONG CHEMICAL USED – never use acid cleaning on stone, this will cause the iron to migrate to the surface, Alkaline is the best for stone cleaning, followed by hot pressure washing, then neutralized with a very mild acid